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Project Update: Anna, 65 foot Cold Molded Spirit of Tradition Sailing Yacht

The construction of our newest sailboat, designed by Stephens Waring Yacht Design, is well under way and coming together quite beautifully. Anna will be the perfect combination of a modern but classic sloop, perfect for both day sailing and racing. The Thomaston crew has finished planking the first three layers of the cold-molded hull. The deck structure has recently been completed.  The composite cockpit has been positioned on the deck and hatch cut outs and deckhouse footprint have been carefully drawn to allow patterning of the teak deck.  The deckhouse is well underway with foam cored cabin top, laminated beams and white v-groove overhead.  Wire conduits and provisions for hardware mounting were included in the CNC cut kit.  An integral carbon fiber beam replaces the core above the companionway and will be bonded to an internal framework which transfers the mainsheet loads from the cabin top all the way down to the hull frames.

The interior designed by Stephens Waring Yacht Design in collaboration with Martha Coolidge Design will be built on the shop floor in two primary modules.  The port side module will include the aft crew cabin, guest cabin and guest head.  The starboard module will include the galley, master shower and head. The master cabin bed and cabinets will be constructed as several smaller modules. This modular build method allows Lyman-Morse the benefit of building and finishing the interior on the shop floor while the hull construction is in process.

SWYD delivered a well-developed 3D model to our systems team who in turn work out the final build details for production. This fine-tuning step sets the process at LM apart from the typical boat yard approach.   Solidworks parametric modeling and PDM (product data management) allow us to create models and build shop drawings that simultaneously interact with all elements of the vessel (structural, mechanical, electrical and joinery) in a single comprehensive model.  Several designers can work on the same component in real time ironing out details on the desktop rather than on the shop floor, this is the name of the game.  This method was utilized to produce CNC cut components including deck and deckhouse core packages, bulkheads, molds for composite parts, casting patterns for struts, and full size loftings for structural wood members all fitting together as perfectly as a Stave puzzle. The cambered transom formed with 10 layers of marine plywood was CNC shaped to receive the compound roll of the hull planking and a precision pocket to accept the titanium back stay fitting. The stem was laminated and shaped in a similar fashion with a recess for the titanium headstay.  The resulting accuracy of both chainplate pin centers is within 1/16 of an inch over the 65 length of the vessel.

Time-consuming manual placement of critical components is a thing of the past along with shop floor adjustment that would have been common throughout the build process. Now our crew can focus and apply their art and skill at a higher level.

Other pieces of the project being worked out on the CNC include the teak curved deckhouse railing and interior moldings. Utilizing the CNC machine to produce these trim items ensures accuracy and time efficient production. As you see in the video above, their work made the planking of the first three layers of the cold-molded hull a seamless endeavor. They gave themselves a 2-hour window to complete this section. They beat it with a half hour to spare!

Finally, our latest tool, a 3D printer is producing samples of details like custom designed switch covers, fairleads and moldings. We can present actual samples to the owner, taking the guesswork out of decision making. All these steps, processes and tools produce a better end product for the owner.

The hull is on track to be complete in March at which time it will be rolled over ready for the interior modules and systems can be installed. Anna is due to launch fall 2017.

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