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An Insanely Sharper Tool: The Hypertherm XPR300

We purchased a Hypertherm XPR300 Hi-definition 'true
hole' plasma cutter with a Messer Evolution cutting table.
This affords us the ability to cut up to 3" thick steel and
around 1-3/4" stainless. The cutting head has a travel/
cutting area of up to 6'x15' and can travel at 2000
inches per minute.
The cut quality and tolerances from the new XPR300 is
unlike anything that plasma has been able to produce in
the past and cuts on stainless steel show a heat affected
zone of less than .001". This is tiny heat affected zone is
very important in the marine environment as the properties
of the parent metal, and more importantly their
corrosion resistance, are virtually unchanged by this new
plasma arc technology.
This new cutting table will afford LMF much greater
control of project timelines and will undoubtedly open the
door to a wider marketplace.
To our knowledge Lyman Morse will be the first company
in Maine with this XPR300 technology.

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