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Bon Voyage Stanley!



At a bit after high noon Monday, Sept 30. Cabot handed Stanley Paris a photograph of Kiwi Spirit that had been signed by the entire Lyman-Morse crew. The two men shook hands, and before a nice gathering of friends, fans, acclaimed sailors and the LM crew, Paris fired up his auxiliary engine, cast off the lines. A canon was fired, air horns were blown, voices were raised in cheer and he was off down the St. George River on a perfectly gorgeous fall day.


The send-off brought together a most impressive group of sailors: Bruce Schwab, who has two circumnavigations to his name and was the first American sailor to finish the Vendee Globe Race in 2004-2005; Steven Callahan, who holds the record for longest solo survival in a life raft – 76 days; Nigel Calder best-selling author, electronic guru, and has logged tens of 1000s of ocean miles; Fred Brousier, who came in 5th in the 1995 Mini-Transat and who also coached Stanley a bit and not to mention Cabot, Heidi and Drew who have clocked more than 200,000 miles.


Paris is on his way to St. Augustine, Florida from Thomaston. He will start the conquest from St. Augustine November 30th.  Follow his progress here:

We wish him all the best and are with him all the way!!



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