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This Sparkman and Stephens 2001 designed free-standing sloop hand-crafted by Covey Island Boatworks and later modified by Bruce Scwab,Composite Engineering Co. and Robbie Doyle now offered for sale at the reduced price. The owner's plans to get back aboard and finish the refit after a two year hiatus have changed. She is in need of various cosmetic work inside and out. This pedigree vessel is very capable of a recovery to prominence due to the quality of her original build. This is an original owner vessel available in the "Mecca" of Downeast boatbuilding where skilled Maine craftspeople are ready and able to get BARBARA ANN back on the water.


Layout and Design


The Barbara Ann was designed by Sparkman and Stephens as a single-handed voyaging boat, capable of crossing all oceans safely and in comfort.

 Built by the world renowned Covey Island Boatworks, the S/V Barbara Ann embraces the concept that technology can make sailing easier and that easier is safer when the going gets tough.

 Description: She was launched in 2003 and assessed at that time with a value of $2M. She currently needs to have her electric propulsion system refit completed before she can get underway etc.... Her hull, deck, and unstayed rig are in usable condition and she's had several equipment upgrades in the last few years.  Includes one season foresail and unused spinnaker.

 Kevlar composite hull, Carbon fiber un-stayed rig, teak deck refinished in 2013 and fitted with electric drive (needs completion or replacement with diesel).

 Although the Barbara Ann was designed with all the systems and strength of an ocean crossing cruising boat, she was also designed to be fast and maneuverable. All construction materials were carefully considered to add strength and reduce weight.

 The hull is vacuum-bagged, epoxy composite construction comprising Kevlar and ATC Core-Cell. Core-Cell is an impermeable closed-cell foam with better impact absorption characteristics than balsa or other foam core materials and not susceptible to water infiltration like balsa.

 The Barbara Ann was designed around a central pilothouse. In New England and eastern Canada, the summers are very short and the winters and nights can be cold. The seller has done many an overnight passage without ever leaving the comfort of this glass enclosed interior helm station. It also serves as the living and dining room while at anchor or at the dock.

The engine compartment comprises the whole area under the pilothouse and contains the propulsion motor, 34kW generator, 10hp hydraulic pump, watermaker, two fuel tanks, two water tanks, and electronics and electrics to control it all.


BARBARA ANN has the systems of a 80' boat in a 52' package. She was built to a sixty page design spec.This project was for a boat designed 100% for cruising. Owner  wanted a bigger bed than the one in there Baltic 37. They wanted a real shower that requires no gymnastics and where the majority of the effort is drying ourselves not the woodwork. And they wanted the support systems (electricity, TV, water, air conditioning and heat) that would give them the creature comforts of a slip while at anchor or at a mooring. Owner wanted a pilothouse to provide shelter while motoring on a hot day with no wind in August or sailing in sub-zero conditions in January. They wanted a chef's galley that could work conveniently and have space for all tools and ingredients. Owner also wanted a washer-dryer and dishwasher. All the amenities in a boat that wouldn't require a crew. Most frequently it's just two aboard and it's not unusual for one to do a passage alone.

The wish list expanded to include: an interior designed for two liveaboards and two guests, a Disp/LWL comparable to a Baltic 47 (around 170), a SA/Disp at least as good as most Baltics and Swans (around 21), and a draft no greater than roughly six feet. Owner wanted sail handling that would work solo, and had the quality of workmanship to exceed a Baltic or Swan.

The Sparkman & Stephens design team of Mitch Neff and Greg Matzat did the design work of this light and fast sloop. Most production yachts use a pretty stripped down racing configuration for Disp, S&S tends to pack in everything in the calculations. Our Disp/LWL includes every appliance, the entertainment electronics, Gailrider, immersion suits, three anchors and chain, etc., etc.


Some of these innovations include four pound 10kW water heaters that run on pulsed high voltage DC.

UQM permanent magnet motor for propulsion and regeneration. Proprietary 3:1 planetary gear transmission and a programmable logic controller with 24 Hall effect current sensors and voltage monitoring to control all aspects of the power system. A very high level of safety interlocks on this system. All high voltage cables are shielded and all contacts are enclosed in sealed boxes. The shields are all continuously monitored for leakage. If there’s any voltage on a shield, the entire system is shut down instantly.

Westerbeke generators to convert to DC operation. 34kW Westerbeke has DC regulation and provides 326 or 350VDC at 100A controlled by power system PLC for automatic operation.

Hydraulics are controlled by PLCs and powered by a 10hp Emerson electric motor for the hydraulic pump.


Raytheon's Navionics chart support, GPS for position and speed, and the chartplotter for navigation.

The nav system uses an Raymarine 125 WAAS receiver augmented by a Furuno SC30 "satellite compass". This remarkable device uses two GPS receivers and a lot of compute power to provide highly accurate 3-axis position information. I'm anxious to see how the autopilot copes with the increased precision on yaw and pitch calculations.

 The autopilot is the other crucial system on a single-handed boat - Simrad Robertson AP35.

For communications Iridium sat phone o shore. VHF for monitoring other boats and an SSB for communicating with other boats o shore. AIS receiver and a Sirius® Satellite Weather Receiver, both integrated with Raymarine E-120 displays. Radar is a 24 mile open array Raymarine.

The entertainment system on the Barbara Ann includes a DirecTV HD satellite system. The receiver is an Intellium D4 18" dome that is capable of receiving both Ka and Ku band satellite signals. DirecTV has all the HD signals on two Ka satellites. The SD stations are all on three Ku band satellite. The Intellium D4 use very clever frequency switching electronics to handle all ve satellites with a single 18" dish.


A new (unused) watermaker was installed in 2015, along with a new Purasan waste treatment system, and new 40" Samsung LED TV.

LOA: 52'
LWL: 46'3
Beam: 14'11
Draft: 6'9
Max. Draft: 9'9
Displacement: 37,000
Designed By: Sparkman & Stephens
Builder: Covey Island
Year: 2001
Location: Maine

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John Morin

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