Lyman-Morse 48 Catamaran

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When aesthetics, performance and comfort collide, the result is a yacht that handles safely and nimbly, and looks good doing it.  The Lyman-Morse 48 Catamaran provides an enjoyable 10-12 knot cruise for family cruising, but also deftly maneuvers into racing mode, achieving 20+ knots of exhilarating performance.   

Layout and Design

Like all Lyman-Morse yachts, eye-catching looks play a large role in the LM48. The yacht makes a striking first impression with her elegant curves. But she was also designed to be as functional as she is beautiful, maximizing useable space while also keeping a streamlined and aerodynamic shape.  Everything from the angle of the wave piercing bows to the positioning of the hull windows has been evaluated.  The end result is an impressive and elegant catamaran that will provide the owner with a great deal of pride and envious admirers.



Low heel angles and the spacious livable areas make catamarans spectacular cruising platforms.  Because tastes differ on the interior finish, we have made it our business to provide any level of interior finish work requested. Of course, ease of handling is a sailor’s first priority.  The forward cockpit makes line handling and maneuvering simple and stress-free.  Everything runs to a working cockpit with an abundance of jammers, yet minimal winches.  It’s a single-handed sailor’s dream. 


Built in the United States.  Enough said.  Lyman-Morse quality is second to none, and we cater each build to the customer’s desires to enhance their personal building experience.  With 37 years of custom building under our belts, we know what levels we have to reach to make sure an owner realizes his or her dream.  Drawing on our experience from the LM 62 catamaran, the LM 48 will be constructed of carbon and advanced E-glass/Kevlar hybrid laminate with foam corecell.


The design of the LM 48 Cat blends a high level of performance with the safety aspect required when sailing with family and friends who might still be getting their sea legs.  Not everyone has the same skill and comfort level aboard a performance yacht.  That is why the LM 48 Catamaran will be comfortable, safe and extremely enjoyable to sail. 



Designer Comments

Weight-consciousness is tantamount to maximum performance.  The LM 48 Cat achieves this dynamic through a mix of composites, utilizing cutting edge advances in hybrids and carbon fiber materials.   Using carbon as needed throughout the yacht, we can judiciously reduce laminate weights and thickness while supporting critical areas with superior strength.  The wave piercing hulls are constructed of a hybrid laminate that weaves Kevlar with E-glass to create an extremely durable, lightweight, and impact resistant form.  With a state-of-the-art daggerboard design, we have maximized the yacht’s performance.

LOA: 49'6
LWL: 49'6
Beam: 24'8
Draft: 2'4
Type: Cruising
Builder: Lyman-Morse
Model: LM 48 Cat
Construction: Composite - Kevlar, eglass, carbon
Hull Material: Kevlar, eglass, carbon, corecell
Cruising Speed: 10-12kts
Top Speed: 20kts

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