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We were commissioned, through an old friend and yacht broker, Bob Rodgers of Rodgers Yacht Sales in Noank, CT, to build a 60' Morrelli & Melvin of Huntington Beach, CA.

The cat has been set up for family cruising, but she is also awesomely fast! We kept her as light and nimble as possible which has become the norm here. We conducted extensive testing to determine whether to build the hull with pre-preg or SCRIMP infusion methods.  We ultimately decided to go with the pre-preg and utilized advanced composites such as carbon fiber, Kevlar and E-glass.  The owners were very involved in the mock-up review process in which many changes were made, which once again proves what an important tool the mockup is in building a custom boat. She has have a modern interior and straight engine drives. Check back more often as we add more photos from her sea trials. 

Mala Conducta Christening

Mala Conducta Christening

Length: 3m 24s

LOA: 61' 2 7/16
LWL: 59' 7/16
Beam: 28' 6 3/8
Min. Draft: 1' 10 3/4
Max. Draft: 8' 10 5/8
Displacement: 34,000 max load
Sail Area: Main = 1333.7 sq. ft.
Type: Sailing
Designed By: Morrelli and Melvin
Builder: Lyman-Morse
Construction: Prepreg Carbon Fiber
Hull Material: Pre-Preg Carbor Fiber with Kevlar/Eglass outer skin
Mast Height: 64'
Boat Engine: Volvo D255

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