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Lyman-Morse Boatbuilding Co. has partnered with e Sailing Yachts to offer a line of high performance production boats that are recognized for their comfort, stability and ease of sail.

Founded in 2006 by America's Cup and Olympic veteran Robbie Doyle and yacht designer Jeremy Wurmfeld, e Sailing Yachts has created a new kind of sailing experience. Combining the very latest in performance innovation and classic styling, e Sailing Yachts has developed a line of boats that exemplify the winning combination of performance, comfort and ease of handling, all wrapped up in a beautiful, timeless design. Working with e Sailing Yachts and designers Persak & Wurmfeld to build straight-forward boats that are exciting to sail keeps with our philosophy that simplicity and performance adds to the customer's enjoyment.

We welcome you to visit the yard to view the construction process and see these incredible boats up close!


The e33 has had a continuous evolution since inception, always keeping in our minds ease of use, excellent performance and elegant look.  The latest e33LM is the wood/glass hybrid built for a discerning customer who wanted the performance of the original e33 but with the elegant look and feel of a wooden boat. With top engineering coupled with our top composite team, eSailing Yachts has entered a new generation of truly elegant performance boats that are just as accomplished on the race course as they are on a relaxing day sail.

Learn more about the e33LM

e332 Daysailer

This next generation e33 shows off five years of design and sail handling innovations all wrapped up in one gorgeous boat. e Sailing Yachts worked with e33 owners, world class builders Lyman-Morse, innovative designers Persak & Wurmfeld and America's Cup winning sail maker Robbie Doyle to produce the e33 squared edition, the finest daysailer ever to hit the water. Combining design innovation, performance, easy handling and comfort, the new e33 squared edition is an American made gem that meets the highest standards. View a video of the new e332 under sail!

e44 Sailing Yacht
LOA: 44' 10"
LWL: 35' 10"
BEAM: 12' 6"
DISPLACEMENT: 15,000 lbs
BALLAST: 7,000 lbs
SAIL AREA, UPWIND: 1,120 ft2

Based on the many exciting design elements and features that have worked so brilliantly on the e33, the new e44 performance cruiser will exemplify the winning combination of performance, comfort and ease of handling. The innovative cockpit will feature a sail handling and lounging area as well as a below deck traveler to maximize comfort and ease of use. Owners will enjoy a smartly designed, spacious and well appointed cabin that can be customized to suit the owners wishes.

e27 Daysailer

Like the popular e33, the e27 family daysailer has elegant lines, a large comfortable cockpit, easy sail handling and gives nothing away in performance. The e27 is designed for no-hassle sailing and is perfect for single handing. The sails can be easily raised and trimmed without winches. Her v-hull combined with high stability and high lift foils makes for a fast, dry ride. A carbon fiber mast with swept spreaders and no backstay allows for an ultra efficient flat top mainsail and easy to handle roller furling headsail.

For more information and images visit www.esailingyachts.com or contact us.

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